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Our Storys

The following stories are of those who have been a part of Mz. Shirliz from the beginning. We are all alumni of some sort and we do what we can to give back.

Ms. Shirley

My story begins when I grew up in two of the neighborhoods you see on the news every night due to violence and drugs. But when I was little, these same neighborhoods had unlocked doors, grandma's looking after the children and they played in the street until after the street lights came on.


As I think back on those days, I have.. read more....

Kenneth B. Williams

I hope I can be an encouragement to those that are looking for another way of life. My history goes back as far as Jan. 14, 1975 when I became Judge, and Jury. My thinking was corrupt, and with selfish motives towards another human being. My brother was accused of a crime (robbery), and I voluntarily became his consultant. From that day forward I’ve either read more....

Theresa Sheats

Born to a middle class family, raised in what I thought was a normal lifestyle, my mom owned a bar, we moved many times before I was 18 and I went to probably every school in the district.


My parents divorced when I was read more....

Steve Jester

I grew up with one brother a year older than me. My pops always worked and was an alcoholic. He coached football, baseball, did boy scouts the whole deal. I started acting out at about ten years old, due to I was never pleasing my dad. So I looked for some attention, I got out of control.


I went to juvenile hall at the age


Chris ODell

In 2006 when we were working with The Choices Alumni group, Shirley and I began to talk about doing some type of aftercare work that would provide different levels of care.  We felt that since we were teaching people how to feel and be accountable we would need to provide a spring board to aid them transitioning into the more....

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