Shirley has many accomplishments!

Including now, 20 years helping others overcome what some people thought was impossible!

Mz. Shirley is awarded the Jefferson Award

Shirley’s Awards and Recognitions


01/10/2014        San Mateo County Bar Association - Private Defenders - Shirley Award for 20 years of selfless and devoted work to                                                                                                               the Choices Program and San Mateo County

12/11/2012        San Mateo County Board of Supervisors - Shirley Lamarr Woman in Government- Public Service-Community                                                                                                    Service Extra Mile Award

08/01/2011        Jefferson Awards Foundation - Shirley Lamarr Jefferson Award for Public Service

07/30/2011        San Mateo County Board of Supervisors - Mz. Shirliz Transitional Resolution, Honoring and Commending Mz.                                                                                                  Shirliz Transitional

07/26/2008        Walter Lax "Humanitarian Award" - Shirley Lamarr Outstanding Service in the Community

03/27/2007        San Mateo County Board of Supervisors - Choices Program Honorable Mention Recipient - San Mateo County Stars                                                                                          Award for Outstanding Program Performance

03/22/2007        California Legislative Assembly - Shirley Lamarr Inducted into the San Mateo County Woman's Hall of Fame

00/00/2006        Project 90 - Shirley Lamarr 2006 David Nunn Courage Award

04/30/2003        San Mateo County Board of Supervisors - Choices Resolution Honoring the Choices Program 

08/17/1995        CWCADD - Choices Program Award to Choices for it's innovation and dedication in serving women

02/26/1995        Delancey Street Academy - Shirley Lamar Diploma in Occupational and Life Skills Development

07/02/1993        California Judicial College - Shirley Lamarr Outstanding Service as a Faculty Member