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Vocational Opportunities


Mz. Shirliz Vocational program's basic function is to complete the need for vocational training and basic skills to community people that are challenged in these areas. Some of our clients are ex-offenders, substance abusers as well as people that have had education difficulties and learning disabilities. Our purpose is to teach our people work ethics, work skills and to maintain our own level of self-sufficiency through the jobs that we do. Currently Mz Shirliz is not operating any vocational training programs.


We work together as a family

"Each one, teach on" that is our mantra. We come together to support, encourage and motivate each other to succeed in life. We come from the same backgrounds, experiences, family dynamics and life challenges that our residents and clients face. We know what it is like to be addicted and caught in a desperate cycle of crime, negativity and violence. We know what it is like to try and break free and how hard it can be to change yourself and your life. We also know it's possible because we have done it. We have succeeded and we now live lives full of meaning and purpose. And our purpose is to help show others how they can do the same. We are people who live by a code of ethics. We are committed to abstinence, building character and integrity, giving back to our communities and helping all others.


From building decks and patios, expanding small business's or removing household kitchen and bathroom areas we are here to help with your general contracting projects. We offer the lowest prices possible for quick and quality work. We strive to bring the most attractive and inexpensive rates possible with the most professional services you deserve.


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Plants are a lot like people. Some like it hot-others not. Some like it being crowded together and others need a little more space. 


Our expertise is in knowing what kind of soil, light, room, water and feeding every plant wants. And we make sure they get what they need. 


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Whether you need help throwing a dinner party, box lunches for a corporate event or serving appetizers at a cocktail party, Centre Catering is your go-to catering company on the Peninsula. Unlike other caterers, we're willing to do just about anything, no matter how small.


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