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Platnum Givers

Candice Young - Melanie Acosts - Hannah Weiss: These three woman gave the very first donation to Mz Shirley's Transitional. They sold an authentic purse on Ebay for $1500 and thus was our very first donation.

Larry Purcell: I met Larry by referral. Someone who believed in my efforts made the connection.

Larry has truly been an angel right behind me to keep me going when every I feel at the end of my rope. Although he works tirelessly taking care of the multitudes that depend on his organization for comfort and survival, he makes it his business to just show up and give me and my organization the support we need to keep this promise going. 

Bill Sommerville: After I met Larry Purcell, he came back about a month later with Bill. Bill is hands down one the of most wonderful people I have ever met in my lifetime. He truly is what God asks us to be, kind, giving and ferocious at the same time. That is why I know there are thousands of people that are better in their lives due to Bill.

Military Vehicle Technology Foundation/Alcibie Alliance: Mr. Jacques Littlefield has become a new supporter of Mz. Shirley's and we look forward to building a lasting relationship. Now through his daughter Allison and her non-profit know as Alcibie Alliance they have continued to support our organization and have been beneficial in helping us help people in need.

Henry Shoolman: Mr. Shoolman is the father of an alumni. Although his son didn't stay sober, Mr. Shoolman continued to support what we believe in until his passing in 2015. Prior donations were also made in Loving memory of Lois S. Shoolman, his late wife who passed in 2013 and Thomas John Gaines

Rose Jacob Gibson: Rose was on the San Mateo County Bard of Supervisors for 15 years. I met Rose in 1995. Due to her support initiative & forward vision to not lock up and throw away the keys on inmates, the Choices program was given a chance. We became close and dear friends and I was honored provide a venue for her retirement party.

Mara Fieger: Mara is the finest attorney in San Mateo county. She advocates for men and women facing serious time and those locked into drug addiction. She supports the Choices program and provided a loan that moved Mz. Shirliz into the El Camino building when we were in Redwood City.

Pope Dental: Pope Dental in Walnut Creek has given their generous support in assisting some of our clients in getting needed dental services. Dr. Pope and his staff are very professional and efficient.




Gold Givers


Ron Ceres: Ron is an Alumni that came to Mz. Shirliz in 2013. After his 1 year stay, Ron continues to give back, he assisted in the financing of the two buildings on El Camino Real in Redwood City.


East Bay Community Foundation: East Bay Community Foundation is our newest supporter. In 2018 we received our first grant from their foundation and we look forward to working with them in the future.



San Mateo County Bar Association-Private Defenders Program




Silver Givers


Arguello Catering: 1757 E. Bayshore Road, Ste 14 Redwood City, CA 94063


Crystal Springs Catering: 350 Convention way, Redwood City, CA 94063





Trader Joes





Thank You To Those Who Continue To Love And Support Us!!!

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