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Mr. Kenneth B. Williams

I hope I can be an encouragement to those that are looking for another way of life. My history goes back as far as Jan. 14, 1975 when I became Judge, and Jury. My thinking was corrupt, and with selfish motives towards another human being. My brother was accused of a crime (robbery), and I voluntarily became his consultant. From that day forward I’ve either been on high risk parole or high risk probation with a history of violence, neglect for law enforcement, assaults, robbery, drug usage, un-healthy friendships, and relationships. Please understand that I come from a two parent household with law abiding parents.


I choose to live the lifestyle that I was living because I thought my first choice wasn’t as exciting. It wasn’t until 1997 that the Parole Dept. decided to mandate me to a treatment program for drugs, and alcohol. The beginning sages were my most difficult sages because it wasn’t my choice to begin with. To go from a traveling road of 65mph to 25mph it’s only natural to hear the screaming sounds of my brakes. I resisted change, and the thought of giving up what I thought was my control.


Upon completion of the treatment program, and being substance abuse free I dove into a relationship taking charge of my life or so I thought. Shortly thereafter I was facing domestic violence charges, and the possibility of three strikes. In the moments of pacing the floors I met Ms Shirley Lamar who asked if I was familiar and interested in the Choices Program. I politely declined her offer, the magnitude of my situation and behavior had not surfaced in the waters of my insanity. I was sentenced to one year in the county jail, and three years’ probation. Upon my release I went back to my marriage situation ignoring the advice of others even Law Officials.


Yes, within a few months later I was arrested once again for domestic violence. Now I’m facing 40 years to life, without any bargaining options. Looking for Ms Shirley Lamar is an understatement. The waters of insanity are quickly clearing to the tide of reality. I could not understand why no one would listen to me. I had not accepted my responsibility in this matter at this point. Fourteen months of Choices, and One Jury Trial has made the definition of the word MIRACLE miraculous. I was founded not guilty on all charges, and needless to say probation wanted a seven month commitment to the Dept. of Corrections as a violation for coming in contact with law enforcement. My devices are now contemplating my options, because the Choices Program is telling me I need a two year commitment to Delancey Street. I’m thinking how can I get to a bail hearing to possibly bail out now that the charges have been dismissed. Well, Ms Shirley recommendation was not bailing out but to bus me out to Delancey Street. After completion of Delancey Street I’m now a New home owner, New husband, New father, actively connected to my church, actively connected to my community, actively connected to the Choices Alumni Group, actively connected to Prison Ministry, actively connected with the working class, Trustee, Laymen President, and Promotional director in my church. My beginnings came when I allowed others to inform me of the things I couldn’t and refused to see about myself. I was a walking Billboard for recidivism, now I’m a standing voice against the revolving door. I’m more than grateful and willing to give back all I can to Ms Shirley Lamarr, and those that are willing to protect and serve.

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