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Our History

We are an ongoing facility that never closes its doors. We move if/when we have to, but we always provide for our family. Please read below how we have evolved from a dream to a reality. There have been bumps in the road but the dream is still alive.

Oak Ave House


We resided for awhile at 58 Oak Ave in Redwood City. This small yet productive little house is proof that we never shut the doors.


We do what it takes to keep ourselves up and running until the perfect building/location is found. Currently we have 12 clients living in the house including Mz. Shirley, that makes 13.


We still work, have classes, house meetings and do whatever it takes to keep the dream alive.

The Centre'


The Centre' is where Mz. Shirliz real dream had actually taken off, providing vocational skills for those who come her way. In the past we provided the job training in ConstructionLandscaping and Catering. Computer classes and accountability are only a few of the things The Centre' had to offer.


Mz Shirliz Transitional moved all services in 2015 to Contra Costa County where we now operate two transitional houses.


Click here for The Centre' Photo Gallery

San Jose House


The San Jose house was the second of Mz Shirliz transitional living facilities and although we have moved on since the transition, it was a great stepping stone. Mz. Shirliz felt that San Jose was too far away from home and needed to be closer to the jail and other places so that inmates and/or those in need could actually want to what we now call The Centre'.

Daly City House


The Daly City house was the first of Mz Shirliz transitional living facilities and although we have moved on since the beginning of our dream, the memories created in this house will never go away.


Build it and they will come!! That is exactly what happened with a dream Mz Shirliz had to help people stay on the right path once they were released from prison, jail, treatment programs and the like.. Chris O'Dell, one of Ms Shirliz best mentees who by then had earned a place in her heart any proud mother would hold for her son, knew excactly what she was trying to do with this dream and kept that goal in the forefront of his business dealings, his life and his heart. One day he had an idea that would work for the owners of the property in Daly City he found as well as make the dream come true. Here is the wonderful story.


He knew a father who had worked hard his whole life to raise his children in a small home filled with love and sound values but who was now passing on. His children wanted to see more good continue in the house where they grew up but did not know the first thing about Real Estate or construction.


With their permission and cooperation, Chris stripped the house down to its foundation and started re-building from scratch. He told Ms Shirliz about the house in December 2008 and she moved there in May 2009 after witnessing the old dilapidated house that was falling apart transformed into a magical abode that she and her band of misfits would soon call home.


The house itself was not large but they were determined to make it work no matter what. It had three bedrooms and Chris added a fourth when he remodeled there was enough room to get it started. It was big enough to fit everyone and yet small enough to build relationships on an intimate level and it soon blossomed into the family we know today as Mz Shirliz. A new kind of family was created in the small home that had raised a traditional family for the last thirty years. Over the next year more than twenty residents came and went, most of them successfully!


The home was eventually sold to newlyweds who were expecting a baby and Mz Shirliz could not ask for a more fitting transition than that! This wonderful home that had sheltered two families would now continue on to shelter and comfort a third.



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