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Mz Shirliz Transitional Mission Statement

Mz Shirliz Transitional provides temporary housing and a continuum of crisis resource services to those who are struggling with addiction, been previously incarcerated and to those who are currently homeless. 

Our Vision

We strengthen communities by improving the lives of these individuals, showing them there is a better way to live, and the importance of giving back to the communities they live in. Along with this we focus on reducing recidivism by assisting them in changing their criminal thinking through education and a purpose in life.

Who Do We Serve

Our services are available to anyone in the community although our primary focus is on the underserved populations. These include people coming out of jails, hospitals and institutions, homeless and chronically unemployed, all of whom have multiple barriers to overcome for them to re-enter communities as productive, employable, caring and independent people.
Tel: 650-218-8256

Pictures speak louder than words. Our website is filled with pictures of how we have grown. From the beginning to now and we intend on adding more as we grow.


Feel free to move around our website, look at the galleries of pictures and "Welcome to the Family!"

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